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Eat 10

Charlie Brown's Bar & Grill

If you're feeling like showing off your amazing singing talent, then please come on down to Charlie Brown's Bar & Grill. They guarantee a fun time, all the time. Not only is it a blast, but they serve some fantastic food. This Denver classic knows how to cook up all the favorites, including Burgers, Pizza, Sandwiches, and Burritos. There is no reason why Charlie Brown's isn't your next stop in the Mile High City. Located at 980 Grant St, Denver, CO 80203.

Eat 9

Little Man Ice Cream

Iconic. Iconic. Iconic. That is the only way I can describe this classic Denver establishment. Their milk-jug-shaped structure makes them one of the most unique shops in all of Denver. Don't think their popularity makes them overrated though, because their ice cream is exceptional. If you think Cold Stone and Dairy Queen make good ice cream, then you are in for quite the treat. Located at 2620 16th St, Denver, CO 80211.

Eat 8

Illegal Pete's

Do you like Chipotle burritos? They're good right? Well, guess who's their daddy? Guess who inspired the Chipotle burrito? That's right, Illegal Pete's baby. Known for their massive burritos, Illegal Pete's has been a Denver staple for over 25 years. But there is one thing that gives Illegal Pete's the edge over Chipotle. Illegal Pete's offers breakfast burritos! And everyone knows that breakfast burritos are the best type of burrito. Located at 1610 16th St Mall, Denver, CO 80202.

Eat 7


You know John Elway right? Hall of Fame Quarterback for the Denver Broncos. Let me just say that he was as good as his steakhouse. Easily the best Denver steakhouse, just like Elway is the best Denver Quarterback. Elway's offers all the traditional cuts of steak such as Filet Mignon, New York Strip, and Rib-Eye. But they also provide fantastic seafood, including Salmon, Sea Bass, and Ahi Tuna. Located at 1881 Curtis Street, Denver, CO 80202.

Eat 6

Sam's No. 3

If there is one word to describe the people of Denver, it would be loyalty. These people don't care that IHOP and Denny's are America's most popular diners. They stick to their own and stay loyal to their diner. And their diner is no other than Sam's No. 3. Sam's has built a strong reputation in The Mile High City as the best diner. They have a huge menu with pretty much every dish. If you want it, they got it. Located at 1500 Curtis St Denver, CO 80202.

Eat 5


Can't decide whether to get Asian or American food? Well, how about you get both? This Asian Fusion restaurant knows how to combine the best flavors of both worlds. Not only does it merge flavors with America, but also with other cuisines such as Mexican and Thai. So let's say you love Chicken Wings, but you also love duck. So how do you decide what to get? Well, you don't; instead you get both. Duck Wings are the way to go. Located at 2030 W 30th Ave Denver, CO 80211.

Eat 4

El Five

Do you know what's better than one amazing meal? A lot of amazing meals. And that's exactly what El Five offers. A chance for you to order many small meals so that you have an opportunity to taste all the incredible flavors of the Mediterranean. Not only is the food terrific, but the ambiance is sleek and attractive. Located at 2930 Umatilla St Unit #500, Denver, CO 80211.

Eat 3

Cherry Cricket

Everyone has that one burger joint they have been going to since they were kids and just can't manage to stop going. For Denverites, that place is Cherry Cricket. Though they do offer more things than just burgers, they are known for one thing and one thing only. And that isn't because the rest of their menu sucks; their burger is just that good. So next time you're in town and need a classic Denver burger, look no further than Cherry Cricket. Located at 2641 E 2nd Ave, Denver, CO 80206.

Eat 2

Casa Bonita

Where are my party animals at?!!! This is the perfect restaurant for those who love to have a great time. Casa Bonita has all the makings to have a fun night with great music, a pool, and live shows. They offer more than a fantastic time though, because they have incredible Mexican food. And for those with a big appetite, they offer an all-you-can-eat dinner. Located at 6715 W Colfax Ave, Lakewood, CO 80214.

Eat 1

Buckhorn Exchange 

If your goal is to eat at the most historic and iconic restaurant in Denver, then the Buckhorn Exchange is a must. Don't think just because it is over 125 years old that it is outdated, because their steaks can rival any modern steakhouse's. They are known for their old-school appearance and incredible steaks; they will make you wonder if this place will ever be outdated. Located at 1000 Osage St, Denver, CO 80204.

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